You stink…and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!

Let me set the scene for you: A 3-star Michelin rated restaurant, four of us dressed in fine clothing, eager for a night out to celebrate birthdays. Impeccably appointed dining rooms and wait staff, and the putrid smell of some other patrons cologne. I almost had to ask for our table to be moved, I almost had to sacrifice my incredible dinner because someone else decided to take a bath in some horrible smelling perfume. Thankfully, my senses adjusted and the food and drink so fabulous, that I was able to overcome the smell. Some really fine restaurants, I suspect this one as well, actually don’t allow their wait staff to wear cologne or perfume because they don’t want to risk offending a customer. So why shouldn’t customers be as respectful? I don’t care if you want to dance in your Drakkar Noir, or Polka in your Polo, shimmy in your Shalimar, or cha-cha in your Chanel, but save it for Burger King, or Wendy’s please!!! Wait, it doesn’t end there. New scene: Boarding a flight with my kids and sadly because of all the weather issues, we were unable to be seated next to each other, but the plan was to wait until we were in the air and I would ask someone to switch. Well, it didn’t take that long. I sat in my seat and was immediately paralyzed by the overwhelming aroma (odor) of my seat mate. I immediately used my scarf to cover my nose and mouth but it was too late, the smell had already penetrated my senses and my eyes began to tear and my head to pound. She had so much perfume on that I couldn’t wait to move my seat.  But how was I going to tell the flight attendant that the woman next to me reeked so badly that I either needed to move immediately or I was going to hurl or faint at some point very soon? I blamed the fact that I wasn’t seated close to my kids, of course! I was able to move, but it made me so angry that this passenger didn’t consider for a second that someone else might be affected by her perfume passion. That’s when I decided that we need to call for a nationwide movement that will encourage people NOT to wear cologne or perfume on planes, trains, buses, subways, or in very fancy dining rooms. Anti-persperant and deodorant, absolutely, but NO MORE Halston 1-12 on your 737, NO MORE Acqua di Gio on your Amtrak, and please, please, escape from your Escada and show you Dior the door whenever you are in close proximity to other people!!! I realize that I may be super sensitive to smell, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for others to be sensitive, not just to my delicate nostrils, but to the proboscises of the masses!

Scent of a scandal!

Scent of a scandal!

Stay well!

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