Who doesn't love a holiday baby story?

Ok, well there might be that one crotchety person who isn’t interested in the miracle of life, but we make room and still and toss crumbs of smiles when we can. I, on the other hand, love a good baby story, especially when it’s one of those dramatic tales of delivery on a subway platform, in a taxi, or on the interstate! It’s incredible what the body is capable of doing in times of emergency, whether you’re the one in labor, or the person delivering a baby for the first time. Imagine my complete wonderment, when I was reading my morning paper (with my Totems, of course) and came face to face with a childhood friend! Oh my, what’s Roger doing in the paper? What do you know?! Roger and his wife are the subject of one of those awesome baby stories!

And baby girl makes five!

And baby girl makes five!

Growing up, Roger was friend’s with my brother, but being only a couple years older we all knew each other and occasionally hung out. We hadn’t seen each other basically since we were kids, but a couple years ago as I was heading into the subway station, I heard someone call out my name. You know that feeling when you turn and see someone you know you know, and that feeling of warmth and comfort comes over you? Well, there was Roger smiling at me, reminding me of better times from my childhood. Now he’s smiling again as the story of his baby girl’s entrance into this world makes the news! Here’s the story that hit locally and was picked up nationally!


Congratulations old friend, and welcome to the world Alexandra, fortunate enough to have four older brothers to protect her as she grows! Looking forward to getting our families together soon.

Stay well.

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