"White Coats" are supposed to be the good guys, right?

"White Coat Syndrome"? You bet! Thanks Nurse Rached!

“White Coat Syndrome”? You bet! Thanks Nurse Rached!

So why is it that so many people react negatively to medical professionals in white coats? There’s even a name for it, “White Coat Syndrome!” Research shows that upwards of 20% of the population suffers from “White Coat Syndrome.” Unfortunately, that translates into a lot of people who don’t seek medical attention because they are too anxious. “White Coat Syndrome” is usually marked by high blood pressure when you’re at the doctor’s office, along with other classic signs of anxiety, like sweating and agitation. The worst part is that when you’re going to see a doctor, the first thing they usually do is take your blood pressure. If you are already anxious, your reading will be higher than normal, and even though intellectually you know that it’s likely due to your anxiety, you still freak out just a little bit more. One of our tenets here at Totem Tamers, is acknowledging your anxiety or fear, or whatever overwhelming emotion you might be experiencing, first and foremost. Being aware of what’s happening, actually gives you the strength and ultimately the choice, to do something about it. It’s the denial of being overwhelmed that can lead to a full-on anxiety attack. That’s also why Totem Tamers gives you three different tools to help with the symptoms you might be experiencing: visualization, sensation, and repetition. Your anxiety isn’t going to disappear, but by following the simple steps, you may find that you have a better handle on your symptoms.

"The doctor will see you now."

“The doctor will see you now.”

This all came up after a conversation with a friend of mine who was concerned about an upcoming doctor’s visit. She talked about her “White Coat Syndrome,” and it made me think of my grandfather, who at 6’4, with a gravely, intimidating voice, was reduced to a  jittery mess at the sight of a doctor. My friend brought her music with her and I reminded her to take deep breaths and she seemed to do ok, and thankfully everything seemed to check out ok, too. If you, or someone you know has a bit of “White Coat Syndrome”, a Totem might just help!

Stay well.

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