"What's so Bloody Funny?"

That was the name of the event Totem Tamers had the spooky pleasure of attending yesterday. It was a fundraiser for the National Hemophilia Foundation! (Now you get it?) This was a great fundraiser because it was a comedy show, featuring some of the best in the business, all performing for free, for a great cause. My kids were psyched I was going because the host of the evening was Alex Borstein, the voice of “Lois” from “Family Guy”!

"Bloody funny,"says Bulldog!

“Bloody funny,” says Bulldog!

Borstein is a carrier of Hemophilia and one of her brother’s was born with the bleeding disorder. I was brought to the event by a dear friend, Marilyn Ness, who made a film about Hemophilia, after a close friend of hers died as a result of receiving a transfusion with tainted blood. She has remained close with this community that she says is “hugely resilient and finds strength despite a difficult, chronic, and at times disabling disorder.” I couldn’t agree more as to their resilience, as I watched the gathered supporters and sufferers alike, find humor in their situation. The comics who performed for free to support this community, ranged from Ted Alexandro, who had the tough job of breaking in the crowd, to Marcus Monroe, who wowed with his juggling and double-jointedness, to the incredible Sarah Silverman, who is just plain funny!

Bulldog and Sarah!

Bulldog and Sarah!

The highlight of the evening for me was surprise special guest, Reggie Watts! If you have never seen Reggie do his thing, look up some videos, or catch him and his funny on Comedy Bang Bang, on IFC. We were seated near the entrance to backstage, so I caught Reggie as he was sneaking in, he was the surprise guest after all!  I made a teeny fool of myself, but he handled it with aplomb. I tried to fist-bump Reggie Watts. I thought it was the cool thing to do, apparently not. Reggie took my fist-bump in his hand and uncurled my fingers only to then kiss the top of my hand. He then went on to rock the house, with his fly open the entire time! Sarah Silverman, came out to watch her friend perform, so when I whispered to her that his fly was open, she said with confidence, that he was probably aware. I will never know if he did it on purpose, because when Miss Swan (Alex Borstein’s lovable MadTv character) came out and told Reggie to zip his pants, he instead opened them up to reveal his undies matched his shirt. We all laughed! Lots of money was raised with awesome raffle prizes and supporters danced in to the night. Totem Tamers was glad to be there and glad to support the National Hemophilia Foundation and their dedication “to finding better treatments and cures for inheritable bleeding disorders and to preventing the complications of these disorders through education, advocacy and research.”

Stay well.


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