WARRIOR Wednesday on Veteran’s Day!

Totem Tamers is giving thanks to all those who have served, and continue to serve in the military, protecting us and helping to keep our country safe. You are all WARRIORS. My grandfather served in the Army, and at a towering 6’4, would happily tell you he was a great big scaredy-cat most of the time. I cherish the box of letters he sent to my grandmother when he was deployed during the war.

Letters from a veteran

Letters from a veteran

Now there’s new letters from a new WARRIOR in my life. A dear friend made the tough decision to change the trajectory of his life and enter the Army. He’s only been away at boot camp for two weeks now, but his first letter is as encouraging as it was long. I could barely get through it before wanting to get out my stationary to write him back!! Yes, handwritten letters back and forth the way it used to be!!

Letters on Veteran's Day!

Letters on Veteran’s Day!

In his letter, my friend mentions one young man who quit in the first week, and another young man who he was counseling the courage to stick it out. I am beyond proud of the role he has taken on, and I know this will be an amazing journey and certainly a few good chapters in the book of his life. That’s why “Turk” is this week’s WARRIOR. From what I understand, the soldiers don’t have access to the internet and getting mail is so important to them, which is why I am going to post my friends address. If you’re inspired to send him a card or a quick note of thanks, that would be amazing, and would certainly count you among the WARRIORS.

PVT Edwards, Ronnie


2nd PLT Demon Dawgs Roster #212

5500 Marion Ave

Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Our Veterans past and present need us. The ones serving have support, but what about their families at home without them. The Veterans who have fought and served and come home, need our help, too! The VA Hospital was there for my grandfather when he needed it, but many Veterans don’t get the support they need. Here’s a helpful link on ways you can help Veteran’s today.

Stay well.

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