Totems that lunch!

Seems to be a lunch theme this week! Totem Tamers had the absolute pleasure of dining at a great and fancy shmancy restaurant this week, so we just had to get a picture!



Sometimes restaurants, especially in NYC, can be really pricey, so go for lunch instead!! Still may be a tad expensive but definitely not as much as dinner might be, and you get to experience the deliciousness without feeling overwhelmed by the check! Also helps if you go with at least 4 people because then you can share and taste more of the menu!! Glad I had the opportunity to do just that, because the company was just as good as the meal!! Splurge on yourself occasionally, we all know you deserve it!!

Stay well.

If you do go out for a great meal, why not share it with a Totem, and then share the picture with us for our “Totems Around Town” feature!! Send your pics to and include where your from and where you are in the picture! If you don’t have a Totem to take around town, get one today by clicking on any of the four Totems on the screen!

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