Totems Around Town and T.L.C. (Totem Loving Care)!

T.L.C. or Totem Loving Care

T.L.C. or Totem Loving Care

This picture came to Totem Tamers from Long Island as a thank you of sorts. A loved one was entering the hospital for a fairly large procedure and the Totems were brought along to help keep everyone a little calmer and to provide some comfort to the patient whenever she was alone and feeling anxious. Happy to report the patient is on the road to recovery and thrilled that the Totems helped! The more calm and less stress you have when undergoing any procedure, the healing process can be that much easier and that much quicker. If you or someone you know has any event coming up that is causing stress or anxiety, a Totem can help! Visit our site at and give the gift of calm today!

Stay well and keep those pictures coming. Send photos or drawings of your totems to

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