Totems Around Town!

Owl was winding through Central Park the other day and came upon a fellow “bronzian”. Yes, I made that word up, but you’ll understand when you see the pic!

The Falconer and The Owl!

The Falconer and The Owl!

Well maybe it’s not super clear, but the statue in the foreground is made of bronze, just like Owl!!! The Falconer is one of many incredible statues to be found throughout Central Park, which is why it’s always a good idea to look up instead of down, and to take your Totem around Town!!

Stay well.

PS: If you’ve never seen the film “The Falcon and the Snowman”, it’s an oldy but goody!

PPS: If you don’t have a Totem to take around town, order one today by simply clicking on the Totem of your choice on this page!

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