Totem Tamers Teen Testimonial! (say that 5 times fast!)

Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you know you’ve reached someone? I do, and that feeling gets magnified a thousand times over when I receive the kind of feedback I got from one remarkably aware teenaged girl! I will say that when Tori, almost 14 (it’s important!), first received her Bulldog Totem set, she was not happy. Her reaction ranged from defensiveness to even anger that someone would think she “needed” a tool like Totem Tamers. Well, that reaction shifted quickly. Here are Tori’s words about Totem Tamers:

“I think Totem Tamers is a great product to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed-better than a stress ball in my opinion. Think of these vivid colors (red, green, blue), makes me feel calmer somehow. I was skeptical at first,but it made a big impact on me just after my first try.

Just thinking of red when I’m pissed off, just plain red. It makes me feel as if the color understands me. Having the moment with red then moving on to green makes me feel stabilized. And no-I’m not reading from the back of the booklet. Well, I did read it and before I did I didn’t know the word for how green made me feel, and when I saw “stable”, it just clicked. I was just like- that’s exactly how it made me feel. But also, green made me feel as though I didn’t have to do anything drastic. 

Now Blue. Blue just makes me feel calm. It made me feel relaxed. If I just filled my mind with the color, it reminded me of an ocean, but you know, it could be different for anybody. The ocean in general is just calming for me. My head just feels emptied from all the anger I was just feeling moments ago.

So basically, that’s why I think Totem Tamers is a great product to use! Oh, and also a bit of a side note, that little guy that comes with the kit is just great to hold. I love the feeling of the weight on my hand, the coldness and texture of it, and squeezing it in general.” Tori, 14 (almost)

A teenager and her Totem!

A teenager and her Totem!

Besides the fact that this message brought tears to my eyes, I couldn’t help but be amazed at Tori’s insight into her own process, and then being so generous as to make room for other people’s processes and possibilities! Thank you Tori for being so brave and sharing your Totem Tamer Testimonial (it’s even fun to type) with us!

Stay well.

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