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Normally we would be honoring a WARRIOR this week. A WARRIOR is someone who is helping themselves or others in the struggles and challenges associated with anxiety, fear, or any potentially overwhelming situation. Totem Tamers is a tool that helps people help themselves. This week though, we all may be feeling just a little helpless. After the tragedy in Newtown, CT. last Friday, there have been countless people helping others cope, trying to understand the devastating act of a disturbed young man. We may never understand, but we will move on, because we have to. In the last several days I have found myself staring at my children, much to their eye-rolling and protests. I can’t help it. I can’t even begin to imagine the agony the parents, grandparents, friends, family, classmates, etc., are going through right now. All I can offer is my condolences and my prayers that they find the strength to go on while cherishing the memories of their loved ones. I can pledge that I will do what I can as a parent to make sure my children are brought up as outstanding citizens and gentleman. I can take deep breaths to help keep calm in overwhelming situations and teach my children the same.

I would ask that you take 27 seconds now and with each second, consider each victim, and instead of sadness, attach the feeling of peace and then let them go, so that we can go on.

Stay well,


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