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This week’s WARRIOR is Australian, champion swimmer, Ian Thorpe. Over a very long career, Thorpe has won 5 Olympic medals and almost a dozen World Titles. As the accomplished swimmer battled his opponents in the water, he was battling his demons on land. Ian Thorpe is now going public with his struggle with depression since he was a teenager, and that’s why he is our WEDNESDAY WARRIOR! It takes a lot for someone to  share their deepest darkest secrets, and Thorpe reveals he didn’t even tell his family until recently that he was battling depression, so severe it included thoughts of suicide. At Totem Tamers we support an open forum and a safe environment for people to talk about their struggles whether it’s anxiety, depression, fears, or anything overwhelming that decreases your ability to function in your every day life. So we applaud anyone in the spotlight who is willing to take that risk and come forward to share their story in the hopes of helping someone else realize that they are not alone, that there is help, that you can accomplish great things. Thank you Ian Thorpe for being a WARRIOR! Totem SHARK is definitely a kindred spirit in the water swimming side by side with you on the rest of your journey!

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