Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY or my baby is growing up!

This blog space provides a forum (mostly for me) to engage and initiate conversation on a variety of subjects, topics, and experiences. A lot of what I write can be extremely personal, but hopefully everything I write allows for others to connect and resonate with whatever I’m going on about. Totem Tamers is about helping people. Totem Tamers is about people helping themselves. When it comes to choosing a WARRIOR, it is always someone who is helping people, or helping themselves.

That leads us to this week’s WARRIOR WEDNESDAY! I am blessed with three boys, and my middle child, who was the inspiration behind Totem Tamers, has been a WARRIOR WEDNESDAY. That was about three years ago, highlighting his courage going to sleep away camp. My youngest would have been 6, and smart enough to recognize that he wanted to be a WARRIOR, too. “All in good time,” I would tell him.  Then about a year or so later, my oldest son exhibited such extraordinary character, that he too, became a WARRIOR WEDNESDAY. Once again, my little one huffed and puffed and tried to become WARRIOR-like. There’s a deeper lesson there about just “being” a WARRIOR, not trying to become one. It was also hard to explain to a 7-year-old that just because you give your brother the top half of an Oreo cookie, doesn’t a WARRIOR make. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now where this is going, right? Yup! The moment has arrived, my now 9-year-old has become a WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!



His becoming a WARRIOR involves sleep away camp, too, the way it did with my middle child. The boys go to this amazing camp called, Campus Kids. Campus Kids is a weekday sleep away, meaning that the campers are away from home Monday morning until Friday evening. They get to come home on the weekends!!! It’s brilliant. The kids are also allowed to call home every night if they want or need to, which can pose a problem sometimes, but can also be very helpful to some kids (my middle one has been going for 4 summers now and he still calls every night.) This being my 9-year-old’s first time away from home, I expected him to call regularly. The first night’s phone call was quick and loud, but he seemed ok. The second night is when my heart broke. My boy was homesick and in tears on the phone wanting me to come and get him. I knew that I needed to arrange with the camp to let him call home earlier in the day, because when you’ve been running around and distracted, and then wind down by calling home and hearing your parents’ voice, it can be overwhelming. So the third day phone call, which was earlier in the evening, was awesome! He was excited and telling me all about his activities (including the archery shot you see above), and eager to get off the phone because he wanted to get back to a game he was playing. Whew! It worked! Then Thursday night came and went, and there was no phone call. I worried for sure, but I hoped that it was just that he was so busy and occupied, he didn’t have time to call. When I saw him Friday evening it was revealed that he had become a WARRIOR. My little boy explained to me that the reason he didn’t call the night before was not that he was too busy having fun, it was because he knew it would upset him and he didn’t want to be upset. Yes, protecting yourself and protecting your feelings, and recognizing your feelings, makes him a WARRIOR! He’s back at camp this week, and still feeling a little homesick, but he’s making the best of it and I couldn’t be more proud! He’s also going to be totally psyched when he hears he’s this weeks WARRIOR!

Stay well.

My kids have taken Totems to camp, just like plenty of other kids, too. The beauty of the Totems is not only in their artistry, but in their compact size. You can carry a Totem and no one has to know (sometimes that’s important to kids.) So if you know someone who needs a Totem, just click on any of the Totems on the side of the page, and get one today!

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