Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

Here we are again, another week, another search for a WARRIOR. Last week, I implored all of us to become WARRIORS as we continue to hear of stories of our children hurting other children. The week before that, I WARRIOR-ed (yes, I can make it a verb if I want to) the father of a boy who was killed in a shooting in California. Well, son of a bitch if we aren’t in the same place again, with two school shootings in the last week. I am practically speechless! Thankfully, I do have the power of speech, and the right to speak, and so do we all, and we need to speak up and speak out that we cannot allow what seems to be an epidemic to continue! I often hesitate at the word WARRIOR, because it conjures up an image of a soldier, or someone in a battle, but the reality is, we are in a battle now, and we are losing. There are people dying, young people, and it’s not ok. The gun lobbyists say that it isn’t the weapon that’s violent, that it’s the person, and we need to treat the person, not the weapon. If that’s the case, why make it so easy for people to access guns? Don’t you think that’s the bigger issue?! How did a 14-year-old kid get a hold of an AR-15 and loads of ammunition? Many people sit around wanting to know the explanation, that there must have been a reason, something must have made him snap. You know what? I don’t give a shit what made him snap, what I do care about is that somewhere along the way he decided that he wanted to shoot and kill people, and himself, and he was able to accomplish that with ease. That is what scares me! You talk about background checks, you talk about waiting periods, you talk about permits and licensing, yet there is no evidence that any of these supposed protections are even in place, and they are definitely not working! Look, I am an American, I love this country, even for all the screwed up things in it, and yes, that means healthcare (we are trying though, it’s just going to take some time), that means people who are discriminated against for who they love, that means people who are born with physical limitations that still have to fight for the right to safely access a building, and yes, that also includes the constitution, which even though it was written a very long time ago, still is the basis of our nation. That means, the right to bear arms. I have no interest in guns, but I made that an informed decision. I had the chance to shoot rifles at sleep away camp, I was even a pretty good shot. That was almost fun. As an adult though, I had the opportunity to shoot a revolver and even a 9-milimeter. Scared me to tears. The power in the gun was so overwhelming, that I ended up excusing myself from the gun range. Some people enjoy it, I am not one of them. The notion that my son, who is 14, might decide that someone should die, and could probably go out on the streets of New York City and secure a weapon to carry that out, is even scarier than being at a gun range. It’s not ok, and we need to speak up to do something about it! I shared the link a couple weeks ago to help you reach out to Congress, who according to President Obama is “terrified of the NRA”, and tell them how you feel. NOT ONE MORE! You are a WARRIOR in this battle right alongside me, and we need to stand together and protect our children.

Stay well.

I will step off my soapbox, but as I do, I will ask that you take a peek at our Totems to the left. They are a great calming tool, and clearly at this moment, I am struggling with remaining calm, but grateful for my Totems!

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