Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

This is the first time (and probably only time) in the short history of WARRIOR WEDNESDAY, that we will honor an online dating site. Truthfully, we wouldn’t normally honor an online dating site, but really just because online dating sucks. I know, trust me! But in the land of suckiness, there is a beacon of light in the form of OkCupid! Other than being one of the better dating sites, if not the best online dating site, OkCupid apparently also has a conscience!

Fire your arrows, Cupid!

Fire your arrows, Cupid!

Firefox is an internet browser that many people use, and many people use it to troll profiles on OkC, but the message above is what they were faced with when trying to access the Cupid page. Now, you could still access the site through a link at the bottom of the message, but the mere fact that OkCupid is making an example of someone so narrow-minded and short-sighted, is worthy of praise! So troll with confidence all you OkC users, knowing that a WARRIOR has your back!

Stay well.

Feel free to troll the profiles on the left for the Totem of your dreams, we do not judge which animal Totem strikes your fancy!

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