Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

Finally some news I am happy to share!! Our WARRIOR this week is CVS! Yes, the pharmacy. Why? Because they have just announced that all CVS/pharmacy stores will stop selling tobacco and tobacco related products beginning in October 1st!



Now we know that people will still be able to get smokes elsewhere, but making it just a little tougher is not a problem by me. I am a former smoker, so don’t go pointing fingers and telling me that I don’t know what it’s like, because I do! I don’t want my children to have access the way I did when I started smoking. I quit over 20 years ago thankfully, but 15 years ago I watched Lung Cancer ravage my grandmother. She had quit almost ten years before the cancer became apparent, but it was ten years too late. I give major kudos to my Mom who struggled with cigarettes my whole life, but who has managed to kick the habit recently, even in the face of life altering challenges! Way to go Mom! Kudos to my ex-husband for doing the same thing over a year ago with the help of electronic cigarettes. Hey, whatever works! It also helps when your three adorable children beg and plead with you not to die from smoking. Hats off to CVS for being willing to lose a whole lot of revenue by not selling tobacco and tobacco related products and in return gaining the respect of so many! Of course, when you’re feeling anxious as you quit smoking, consider grabbing a Totem instead!

CVS/pharmacy, WARRIOR WEDNESDAY is all yours!

Stay well.

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