Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

This week’s WARRIOR definitely has her s*%t together, but she didn’t just a few years ago, when tragedy struck. Chanel Reynold’s kissed her husband as he left for a bike ride, he never returned. He was a hit by a car  twenty minutes after he walked out the door and died as a result of his injuries about a week later. Chanel’s life was turned upside down. Now a widowed mother of two young children, Chanel was grieving while she also had to wade through a bevy of paperwork just to figure out what was what i.e. wills, life insurance, passwords to protected accounts, etc.. Out of that experience, a WARRIOR was born, and so was Get Your Shit Together! Chanel knew she didn’t want other people to have to suffer the same way she did every time it became clear that there was something else she hadn’t prepared for, so she found a way to make it easier for others. Chanel’s website offers resources for helping families get their shit together “just in case.” There are templates for living wills, power of attorney, and checklists to make sure everything’s covered. Chanel is the true definition of a WARRIOR, coming out of a truly awful and heartbreaking experience to help others. We are honored to call you this week’s WARRIOR and we are grateful for your courage and willingness to share your story and help so many in return.

Stuart Isett for the New York Times

Photo by Stuart Isett for the New York Times

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