Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

A WARRIOR is anyone who is brave enough to talk about their personal struggles in an effort to help themselves and help others. This week provides us with a very public figure doing just that! Our WARRIOR for the week is Catherine Zeta-Jones, for her very open discussions about suffering from bi-polar disorder and the very public way she has handled it. Zeta-Jones discussed her illness in a recent interview and shared her hope of bringing greater awareness about the disorder as her motivation for being so open.

wikipedia media

wikipedia media

There are many resources available today to help those with mental illness and it’s as easy as a Google search! It helps remove the stigma further when celebrities like Zeta-Jones have the courage to speak out about their struggles. We salute you Catherine Zeta-Jones and we are proud and honored to call you this week’s WARRIOR!

Stay well.

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