Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

I do my best to stay away from making political statements because we all have the right to believe in what we choose, no matter how ignorant our beliefs may be. This week’s WARRIOR is definitely politically charged and it may be difficult to praise Wendy Davis without calling attention to the issue at hand, but here goes. Senator Wendy Davis from Texas, took to her feet yesterday to stand up for what she believes in, and for the constituents she represents whom she swore to serve. Senator Davis’ 10-hour filibuster was an incredible example of our democratic process while also highlighting her commitment to women’s right, not only in Texas but across the nation.



In her pink sneakers, Wendy Davis talked and talked and talked in an effort to prevent a bill from moving forward that many believed would restrict a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. At the ten-hour mark and nearing a midnight deadline, the gallery erupted in cheers for at least 15 minutes thereby preventing a vote from happening and essentially ending the session. I am proud of Wendy Davis, not only for all she has managed to accomplish so far in her life, but for using the system to make a stand. That’s why we are honored to call Senator Wendy Davis our Wednesday WARRIOR!

Stay well.

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