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It’s hard to imagine that someone measuring in at 7 feet tall and over 250 pounds could ever be afraid of anything, but Jason Collins was afraid. Collins lived in fear for many years that someone would find him out, that his secret identity would become known, that his successful career as an NBA player would come to an end, all because he was gay. This week, Jason Collins decided he was done with the fear and was ready to tell the world “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” That’s why Totem Tamers is proud to make Jason Collins our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

No more fear for this WARRIOR!

No more fear for this WARRIOR!

Becoming the first active NBA player to openly identify himself as gay, Collins, is fast becoming a hero to many. The impact on his career is yet to be known as he is still an unrestricted free agent. It is sad that in this day and age there are still people who will be treated differently because of who they love. Jason Collins is a solid basketball player managing a successful 12-year career in the NBA, he deserves respect on those merits and also as a WARRIOR, for his willingness to be open about his sexuality in the hopes that more people will find the courage to leave their fears behind. Totem Tamers salutes Jason Collins as our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

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