Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

One-in-five-million. Those were the chances that Cameron Lyle was given when he decided to add his name to a bone marrow registry list. Little did Cameron know that as he was preparing to compete for his college track and field team in the championships, that he would come up as a match for a 28-year-old man dying of Leukemia. Cameron didn’t hesitate in making the decision that would end his college career early and prevent him from participating in the championships. The 21-year-old athlete knew that buying someone the potential of a few more years of life was worth way more than any medal or trophy.

Photo courtesy of UPI.

Photo courtesy of UPI.

Cameron won’t be able to swing a shot put, or hammer, or throw discus because even though bone marrow donation is generally safe and harmless, it is depleting and can be relatively painful for a bit before and after donation. Those side effects will sideline this promising athlete, but in his decision, he becomes somebody’s hero and certainly a WARRIOR! You are an inspiration Cameron Lyle, and Totem Tamers is honored to make you this week’s WARRIOR WEDNESDAY! For more information on joining the bone marrow registry, visit For more information on Totem Tamers visit

Stay well.

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