Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

This week’s warrior is All-American Rejects guitarist Nick Wheeler! Nick has partnered the band with an animal adoption site because he rescued the scrappy little pup seen in the picture below. As the unofficial fifth member of the band, Dexter tours with the band and hangs out during the meet and greets after concerts. I took two of my kids to see their show last week and we had the opportunity to meet the band and Dexter!! He is as cute and sweet as they say. Unfortunately he didn’t make it in to our photo, so I snagged this one from PeoplePets! (Hope that’s ok? :)) We presented Nick with a Totem Bulldog of course and he was truly touched that we had brought him a gift and that we recognized the importance of pet adoption. We do! So Nick, as our WARRIOR this week, we congratulate you for rescuing Dexter and shining the light on pet adoption while rocking across the globe. We hope you enjoy your Totem!

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