The color of love!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Or #galentinesday, which I hadn’t ever heard of until people started posting about it, and I guess it shows that I never watched the whole television series “Parks and Recreation”. Either way, it’s a fun concept and I’m all about it, but that’s not what inspired me to write today.

What inspired me was a heart, not anyone’s heart, but someone’s heart that ended up discarded on the sidewalk near my house. Now before you get all creeped out, it’s not an actual heart! Sheesh you guys are morbid! Here’s the heart:

green heart

Green is for love!

I initially walked right by it and then I knew I needed a picture of this green sidewalk heart. Then it got me thinking, why is red the color associated with love? Is it because when we feel love our blood gets pumping? Is it because when we feel love, we feel it in our hearts which are essentially red? I continued to ponder how the color red actually has a lot of negative emotions connected to it, like anger, rage, and danger. Here at Totem Tamers, red is the first step in our visualization process when you’re trying to stave off or recover from an anxiety attack. Red is typically not where someone wants to be, so why then do we associate the color red with something that is supposed to be a good thing? Red on a stop sign, red on a traffic light, that tells you to hold up, back off, stand still, but green, green means go for it, proceed, pass go! That’s what I got when I passed this green sidewalk heart. That my heart is not red, my heart is green and wide open, ready to receive and give love to all who cross my path. So from now on, I will wear green on Valentine’s Day, not red! It’s a revolution I tell you!

Show me your heart is open, show me your green heart, and I’ll show you mine.

Stay well.

I am my own Valentine!

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Well, sort of. As a dear friend calls it, this is “love day”! This isn’t a day where you’re supposed to feel sad  if you aren’t in a relationship, for example, this is a day where you find gratitude for being able to love in the first place!! And the best way to find that gratitude is by loving yourself, and then you can make room to love others. I know people who think this day is a crock of you-know-what, others who use this day to lament that they are ever lonely and will never meet the right person, and still others who cherish their loved ones and celebrate them with flowers and chocolates and fancy dinners. Me? Sure I’ve gone through different iterations of this day, but I’m wiser now (fine, older), and I realize it’s not about romance, it’s not about relationship, it’s about finding love in yourself so that you can share it with others. Then it can be shared back with you, and that’s what “love day” is about. I am blessed with three incredible children who fill my heart on a daily basis, so it’s Valentine’s Day every day in my house! So whenever you need a Valentine, start by looking in the mirror, and there you’ll see the best Valentine of all, then offer your love from that reflection, and this day, and every day, will always be special, no matter what!

Totems on valentine's day.

Totem Love!

Stay well.

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Sidewalk Valentine!

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Sidewalk Valentine!

Every once in a while, looking down has its rewards. Obviously, avoiding the remnants of the obnoxious owner who refuses to pick up after their dog, is first and foremost. However sometimes, you look down to see something beautiful. I was walking along with my son who was chatting away, and we walked by this grungy, dirty, cut-out heart, stuck to the sidewalk. I kept walking, but then I stopped and took myself back to the heart, thinking that sometimes, our hearts may get grungy and beat up and tossed aside, but somehow, they are still beautiful. As Valentine’s Day approaches, remember your heart, whether you share it with someone significant or not, your heart is beautiful and capable of so much love. Grungy, dusty, wounded or even broken, see your heart and use it love yourself first, and then share that radiance with the people around you! Even though we should always keep our heads up and eyes forward, every so often, take a look down, because you never know what beauty you might uncover!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stay well.

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Happy Valentine's Day from Totem Tamers!

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"Yes, that is chocolate and yes I will share," said Shark!

“Yes, that is chocolate and yes I will share,” said Shark!

I am blessed with three incredible kids, all at different stages of life, which certainly serves to keep me on my toes! My youngest is 7 1/2 (that half is really important), and thankfully for Valentine’s Day he is still in that phase of being ok with giving everyone a card or a piece of candy. “Even the kids I don’t like so much.” That was moving, sort of. My middle son is 11, and he is in that Valentine’s Day sucks, mode. When we talked about it, he was lamenting that it’s a crappy holiday if you aren’t part of a couple. When I asked if there was someone in particular he was hoping to be coupled with, he balked as though I had asked if he wanted frogs’ legs for dinner! “No, Mom, there isn’t anyone, sheesh!” Well, excuuuuuuuuse me for asking! Then of course there’s my 14-but-looks-16-year-old, he’s another story entirely. Having been associated with his “friend-girl” (I refuse to say the word) since the middle of 7th grade, he is taking this holiday a bit seriously. He told me exactly what I needed to go get, his favorite chocolates that Meredith’s Bread sells. I did my job, and then he did his by simultaneously breaking my heart and filling it completely. My little baby boy is growing up and his heart is making room for other people and that is definitely hard to take, thus the heartbreak. That same little boy however, makes me so proud because he has the capacity to feel and share his feelings. Just like he will share that he is really pissed at me if he finds out I wrote this! Inside the little box of chocolates, my sweet baby boy taped a little note, it read “because you were something special.” It confused me a little so I asked him about it, and he explained that when he first saw this “friend-girl”, he knew she was something special. It was enough to keep my eyes from welling up with pride, but also with fear for wanting to protect my boy from potential heartache. That’s when I realized that we shouldn’t protect ourselves from heartache, but just the opposite. Open yourself up to receive the love that someone gives you just as you allow yourself to give the love you have to share. That love doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, it can be a simple smile from the soul to that stranger on the train, or a phone call to your folks, or an email to an old friend, just give love and it will come back to you.

Giving you my love, always.

Stay well.

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Happy Valentine's Day from Totem Tamers!

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May your heart overflow with love and calm today…and may you share it with those around you.

Valentine's Day 2013! Where's SHARK?

Valentine’s Day 2013! Where’s SHARK?

It seems that when SHARK heard it was time for Fun Dip, he jumped in to the tub! SHARK is still in there and I swear I hear Yodeling!

Enjoy the day all!