The color of love!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Or #galentinesday, which I hadn’t ever heard of until people started posting about it, and I guess it shows that I never watched the whole television series “Parks and Recreation”. Either way, it’s a fun concept and I’m all about it, but that’s not what inspired me to write today.

What inspired me was a heart, not anyone’s heart, but someone’s heart that ended up discarded on the sidewalk near my house. Now before you get all creeped out, it’s not an actual heart! Sheesh you guys are morbid! Here’s the heart:

green heart

Green is for love!

I initially walked right by it and then I knew I needed a picture of this green sidewalk heart. Then it got me thinking, why is red the color associated with love? Is it because when we feel love our blood gets pumping? Is it because when we feel love, we feel it in our hearts which are essentially red? I continued to ponder how the color red actually has a lot of negative emotions connected to it, like anger, rage, and danger. Here at Totem Tamers, red is the first step in our visualization process when you’re trying to stave off or recover from an anxiety attack. Red is typically not where someone wants to be, so why then do we associate the color red with something that is supposed to be a good thing? Red on a stop sign, red on a traffic light, that tells you to hold up, back off, stand still, but green, green means go for it, proceed, pass go! That’s what I got when I passed this green sidewalk heart. That my heart is not red, my heart is green and wide open, ready to receive and give love to all who cross my path. So from now on, I will wear green on Valentine’s Day, not red! It’s a revolution I tell you!

Show me your heart is open, show me your green heart, and I’ll show you mine.

Stay well.

Cardinal Rule!

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Or better yet…Cardinals rule!! The cardinal has long been a favorite bird of mine (and my mom’s), maybe it’s the plumage, maybe it’s the distinct call they make, or probably more to the point, it’s the way their color cuts through just about any nature scene. I hear them chatting to each other all the time, and it’s comforting to me as I navigate the cityscape on a regular basis. I can usually find the source of the call when I have time to stop and look, but sometimes, I am gifted with a clear sighting. This picture was one such gift, but also very poignant as well.

What sign? You see a sign? I don't see a sign.

What sign? You see a sign? I don’t see a sign.

Even in the midst of sirens, and babies crying, and cars honking, this beautiful bird gave me pause and a chance to chuckle at the irony of it’s landing spot. I can only hope it found some nice grubs to bring back home in that newly seeded lawn. Hope you’ve had the chance to take pause, but more so, that you’ve had the chance to chuckle!

Stay well.

While we don’t have a cardinal Totem (yet), we do have Owl, and Owl is definitely awesome. If you want Owl to help give you pause, then click on the link on the side of the page and get one today!