The color of love!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Or #galentinesday, which I hadn’t ever heard of until people started posting about it, and I guess it shows that I never watched the whole television series “Parks and Recreation”. Either way, it’s a fun concept and I’m all about it, but that’s not what inspired me to write today.

What inspired me was a heart, not anyone’s heart, but someone’s heart that ended up discarded on the sidewalk near my house. Now before you get all creeped out, it’s not an actual heart! Sheesh you guys are morbid! Here’s the heart:

green heart

Green is for love!

I initially walked right by it and then I knew I needed a picture of this green sidewalk heart. Then it got me thinking, why is red the color associated with love? Is it because when we feel love our blood gets pumping? Is it because when we feel love, we feel it in our hearts which are essentially red? I continued to ponder how the color red actually has a lot of negative emotions connected to it, like anger, rage, and danger. Here at Totem Tamers, red is the first step in our visualization process when you’re trying to stave off or recover from an anxiety attack. Red is typically not where someone wants to be, so why then do we associate the color red with something that is supposed to be a good thing? Red on a stop sign, red on a traffic light, that tells you to hold up, back off, stand still, but green, green means go for it, proceed, pass go! That’s what I got when I passed this green sidewalk heart. That my heart is not red, my heart is green and wide open, ready to receive and give love to all who cross my path. So from now on, I will wear green on Valentine’s Day, not red! It’s a revolution I tell you!

Show me your heart is open, show me your green heart, and I’ll show you mine.

Stay well.

A heart has to be full before it can be broken.

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This was the message I conveyed to the sweet young lady in the doctor’s office who felt comfortable enough with me to confide that she was nursing a broken heart. Her face was priceless when I remarked how wonderful that was. She asked why it was wonderful, and I explained that for her heart to have been broken it must first have been filled with some beautiful and wonderful memories. It took her a minute but her face softened and she understood where I was coming from. The good times she shared with this person who was responsible for her broken heart, still happened. She still experienced them, and she can still hold on those thoughts (and yes, curse her ex repeatedly whenever necessary.) We talked further and I shared my wisdom (learned only by experience, thank you very much), and I assured her that the pain would ease eventually. I also advised her to sit with the feelings she was having, the hurt, the loneliness, the fear, and only when she recognized everything she was going through, would she be able to move forward. Yes, I do have an awesome therapist!! By the end of my appointment, the young lady and I were laughing and commiserating about dating and how awful it can be, but there was hope, for both of us. On the way home I walked passed something remarkable.

Street He-art!

Street He-art!

On the sidewalk in front of me was this beautiful heart, cut out by some sweet child, somewhere. A child who hopes for love and can’t wait for heart to be filled up. I know plenty of “children” who are seeking the same.

Stay well.

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"There's gonna be a heartache tonight."

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There are so many songs about love, falling in love, searching for love, and just as many songs about losing love, breaking up, and heartbreak, just like the tune in my title. For many, it’s the music that helps us process our feelings, even recognize them if we didn’t before. I mean, think about The Carpenters’ and their song “Close to you.”

We know they are talking about love even though they don’t actually come right out and say it. Then there’s Ben Folds Five and “Song for the dumped.” There’s absolutely no mistaking what that tune’s about.

Then there’s my son’s song. I can’t share it with you yet, but he finished it yesterday, shortly after his “friend-girl” broke up with him. I wrote about them on Valentine’s Day. His song is filled with both love and heartache and I couldn’t be more proud. I told him that I wished for him a thousand heartbreaks. He looked at me like I was nuts. I explained that with every heartbreak comes love and there is nothing better than that. The song is just a bonus.

Stay well.

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