Swimming in the Jury Pool!

I was called for jury duty a few months ago and I postponed it because the kids were in school and it would have been too hectic for me not to be around. So here I sit in a dank dusty room filled with about 100 of my peers waiting and waiting and waiting. So many of my friends have questioned why I didn’t just excuse myself because I have minor children. And sure, as I sit in the room next to the guy who clearly had his bottle of Obsession broken over his head this morning, and the woman with the tuna sandwich (it’s inevitable), I begin to wonder why I didn’t excuse myself, too! But then I remember explaining to my kids what jury duty is and how as citizens of this great democratic nation, we depend on the jury system to help protect us and our rights if we ever get into trouble. I am honored (and totally bored, yes) to sit here between CK-pew and tuna gal, and perform my civic duty.


I’ll update with any progress of course and definitely about the selection process if it goes that far. Regardless, I know I am doing my part to help my fellow citizens, and I know that the massage I will reward myself with after spending hours in these chairs, will be well deserved!

Stay well.

My Totems made it through security and will help keep me calm today. If you don’t have a Totem yet, just click on the images to the left and buy one today!

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