Spreading the cheer!

One of the wonderful parts about running a business that offers people solutions to challenging situations is when we hear back from those that you have helped. We LOVE your feedback and certainly encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences as you and your Totem connect and move through life. We love pictures of Totems in interesting settings and certainly pictures with you as well!

Another wonderful part of bringing Totem Tamers public is getting to meet a lot of you when we’re out and about and sharing the story of how Totem Tamers came to be and watching the expressions on your faces when you connect with the story. I met a Mom and her daughter not too long ago and the mom thought that Totem Tamers would be a great gift to give to her nieces and nephews when her daughter huffed and puffed and said she wanted one for herself! So off they went, her daughter clutching her new Totem. A couple days later I received this email: “I wanted to thank you for the amazing Totem Friend! My daughter loves her bulldog and it has been very helpful already! I am away all week and she is keeping it with her at all times to keep calm until I get home! XO”

That’s what we love to hear! Thanks for sharing and we are thrilled that the Totem gave this young girl the power to stay calm while her mom was away. We’d love to hear from you, too! Email us at info@totemtamers.com and maybe you’ll see your story here.

Stay well and stay calm.


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