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I had such a long day yesterday that it took me a night’s sleep to really process all that I had done. It’s days like yesterday that make me long for a pilgrimage to an area with no capabilities of outside communication, no responsibilities other than rolling over to the cool spot on the feather bed awaiting a tray of fresh fruit and strong coffee. Ahhhhh, let me soak that vision in for a moment, yes, that would be brilliant. As opposed to my Monday which started with a funeral (RIP Chief Potowatamie), then a visit to the dentist, followed by a visit to the gynecologist! Of course, my totems were with me, weighing down my purse just enough to remind me of their presence. Interspersed throughout the day was a super quick workout, getting three kids off to school, lunch with my mom, picking up said kids, getting one of them to the dentist, feeding them, taking them to park for an after dinner play, then getting them to bed, followed shortly thereafter by a collapsing me. Oh and wait…the best part? I did it all while wearing this:

That is definitely not a thumbs up!

That is definitely not a thumbs up!

I’m not looking for praise here, not even looking for the almost obligatory “how do you do it?” The truth is that I am grateful and blessed for the chance to have a hectic life every so often, so when there are those blissful moments of down time, I can enjoy them. A friend posed a question on Facebook yesterday regarding “Free time,” asking what it was. I commented that “free time” is all that time you spend bettering yourself and the world around you and not getting paid a dime. Which means we have to volunteer for our own free time and remember to take advantage of it. Give some free time today, to yourself first, and then anyone who is lucky enough to be in your presence afterwards.

Stay well.

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  1. TURK June 26, 2013 at 5:20 am - Reply

    HOW DO YOU DO IT!??!?!? This was a great read! Love it!

    • totemtamers June 26, 2013 at 8:59 am - Reply

      Thank you!! With support and inspiration from my friends and family, I find the gift in keeping on!

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