Shift-Option-Control aren't just keys on your keyboard!

I love when a random conversation or two gets my head spinning and inspires me to throw a few words down, even more so when it hits on the very purpose of Totem Tamers!! I’m all about validation, I need it, I seek it, I crave it, and as a result I try to give it when I can, but as we know, that’s not always easy because we are not always present and aware. Validating someone’s anxiety is not always easy either, because it can force us to consider something that isn’t normally anxiety producing for us, but is crippling for someone else. It could be as basic as one person’s fear of not riding roller coasters, or as complicated as someone needing to be in the fifth car on the subway because they heard once it was the safest place to ride on the train. All it takes is that one horror story and your anxiety level amps up, but some people can function at that level, and a lot of people can’t. Totem Tamers isn’t a cure for anxiety, it’s a coping mechanism for anyone who feels anxiety. Totem Tamers asks that you recognize and validate that you are actually really freaked out, upset, angry, scared, etc., and then that you take the steps to move away from those often very overwhelming emotions. With the visualization process, Totem Tamers, guides from seeing yourself at your most anxious and then leads you to visualizing yourself at your most calm. It’s a process, but the beginning of the process is actually identifying and again validating that you feel anxious.

Totems at the keys!

Totems at the keys!

This is where Shift-Option-Control comes in to play. Totem Tamers helps you Shift from one extreme to another as you identify that you are overwhelmed and then helping yourself manage that emotion. You have the Option to take as many deep breaths as necessary before moving from one extreme to another. You have the Option of not doing anything and allowing your anxiety to cripple you and prevent you from living your life to the fullest. You have Options, period, and sometimes that’s all someone needs to know. Control is the tricky one, because as anyone with anxiety knows, sometimes an attack can come out of nowhere (often panic attacks behave this way) and the increased anxiety comes from feeling out of Control. You hear stories about people who carry around a tranquilizer just as security. They don’t ever use it, but knowing that they have it is sometimes all they need to help them stay calm or regain calm. That’s what Totem Tamers does, it puts the Control in your hand. You can choose to remain anxious, or you can take steps to help yourself get calm. I realized that Control was a big issue for me in handling my son’s anxiety. I wasn’t in Control, and frankly neither was he, but as soon as we had Totems as an Option, I was able to Shift the Control from me to my son, and that enabled him to be more in Control of his behavior. The bottom line, and there always is one, is that with Totem Tamers simple steps of Visualization, Repetition, and Sensation, you can Shift your feelings with these Options and once again seek Control of your emotions.

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