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What other animals do you have as Totems?

As of now we have our four beloved Totems; Owl, Bear, Shark and Bulldog. We will be adding more and we would love to hear your suggestions! If you have an idea for a Totem, email julie@totemtamers.com, and maybe you’ll see your Totem come to life!

Where else can I buy Totem Tamers?

Totem Tamers can be found exclusively online, at www.totemtamers.com!

Can my Totem get wet?

Absolutely! It can even go for a dip in the ocean. Bronze is a very strong alloy, and it will change shade and sheen as you continue to use it. Some fine-grade steel wool and/or some bronze cleaner can be helpful in polishing your Totem.

What happens if I lose my Totem?

The good news is that you can always get another one. The better news is that you still have the rhyme, deep breathing and visualization techniques to help you until your new Totem arrives!

How can I submit photos, drawings, or testimonials about my totem?

We would LOVE to feature your artwork, or personal stories on the site!  Simply send an email to julie@totemtamers.com with your testimonial, photo or drawing attached!

Who can I contact with comments, concerns or questions?

Comments, concerns, and questions can be directed to julie@totemtamers.com.