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I woke up this morning to an email from a high school friend alerting me to the passing of another high school friend. It’s a sad story when anyone young dies, even more here as Henry was seemingly trying to set his life right after having made some not so great choices and suffering the consequences. Henry reached out to me two years ago on Facebook after not having had any contact basically since high school. Henry and I had known each other for years and we were buds. He opened up to me in that Facebook conversation and shared with me about his personal life things that he had not shared with many (and no I won’t share with you.) I was touched that he felt safe enough to do so after all these years and I was able to be encouraging and supportive and non-judgemental in return, which is what friends do.  Henry didn’t reach out though when he became ill. He didn’t reach out when he was dying. His parents had passed away years ago and his relationship with his sister was estranged. He had friends from what I’m gathering, but his pals from high school, he didn’t reach out to any of us. And we didn’t reach out to him. That’s what makes me sad, that in his final months, a friendly blast from the past might have made the difference between a shitty day and a good day. And I know I can’t take that on myself and that’s certainly not what I’m doing, but it has motivated me to reach out and touch base with people I haven’t been in touch with for a long time just to say “Hey, I was thinking about you and hoping that you’re doing well.” That would brighten my day for sure and it just might’ve brightened Henry’s. There are many out there who have great memories of Henry and in flipping through yearbooks, I found one where he signed mine and it made me smile as he knew it would when he wrote it. You are missed my friend.

A yearbook autograph from an old friend gone too soon.

A yearbook autograph from an old friend gone too soon.

Think about someone you used to know and maybe send a message or if it’s too hard, then at least think good thoughts about them. I promise it will leave you feeling good just to send some positive energy. I’m thinking good thoughts about you right now!

Stay well.

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