Porcelain inspiration!

You never know what you’re going to find when you walk the streets of NYC, that’s part of the fun! Also a challenge, because you never know if you’re going to step in it, on it, or through it. I come across plenty of things that I am compelled to take pictures of because I never when it will inspire me. Lucky me, I was inspired just this morning, by this site on the way to dropping my little one to school:

Don't put a lid on it, rip the lid off!

Don’t put a lid on it, rip the lid off!

I know, you want to understand how I could be inspired by a toilet seat lid. Well, first of all, we are talking about me, I can find inspiration in the nuttiest of places, and second of all, isn’t everyone inspired by the toilet (or at least on the toilet?) So here’s the inspiration: We spend so much time stuffing our emotions, whatever they may be, because we don’t want to be “seen.” Many people don’t often share their true happy times because they don’t want to seem boastful or conceited. Many people don’t often share their woes or sad times because they don’t want to be burdensome or depressing. I get it, I really do, because I am one of those people. I am also one of those people who realizes that after sharing, after tearing the lid off (see how I did that?), we feel better! It tends to be easier to share the good stuff of course, but it’s when we close the lid (I did it again) on the bad stuff and don’t share that, that’s when we are asking for trouble. That inner turmoil of silent suffering can be so damaging, not only mentally, but physically. Eventually it all bubbles up and overflows (more plumbing humor), and everyone around you ends up suffering. We need an outlet to share, but sometimes you just don’t want to share with people you know, which is why some smart individual created BlahTherapy! It’s a website where you can vent, bitch, complain, and cry to complete strangers….for free! They do have therapists available as well, at a very cheap rate, but come on, free venting without the added pressure of being burdensome! It’s brilliant! So when your pipes are clogged up from months, even years, of stuffing your feelings, rip that lid off and set it free! If you don’t have a trusted friend(s) or a therapist, vent it to a stranger! There is no excuse. My last piece of inspiration from the toilet lid on the sidewalk: we are all the same, we all look when we’re done, all of us!

Stay well.

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