"Oh, this old thing?"

When someone pays us a compliment, most of us do the immediate, reflexive, knee-jerk, humility thing and throw it away.

“Your cake is delicious!” Typical reaction is “Thanks, but it’s just a mix from a box.”

“You look great in that dress.” Typical reaction is “Thank you, I’ve had it forever.”

“Have you been working out, you look fit!” Typical reaction is “HAHAHAHA, working out, that’s a good one!”

Ok, in all seriousness, the message for today (and that really means forever people), is that when someone pays you a compliment, says something nice about you, own it! Say thank you and nothing else. It doesn’t require us to qualify the kind words, and there is nothing conceited about accepting when someone says you are a good person, a smart person, a funny person, or that you look awesome or your hair looks great or whatever! Just say thank you and shut your mouth!! See how it feels to just take it in and not give it away immediately. Have a look in the mirror. Yeah, I know, we all have those bits of us we’d rather not have to look at, but for now just look at “you” as a whole. Not so bad, right?! Damn right! As soon as you have that thought, walk away. Don’t stare in the mirror waiting for the red flags to appear, because those red flags aren’t representative of the whole you. We all have red flags, but we need to stop waving them as soon as someone has something nice to say about us (including when we say them to ourselves!) All you need is a smile and a thank you and then those lovely words will stay inside you rather than ending up in the trash bin. Now we’re going to practice: “It means so much to me that you read all the way through this blog post, you are kind, caring and incredibly patient and supportive and I am glad to know you.” Your new typical response is…….”Thank you!” The end.

"Mirror, mirror..."

“Mirror, mirror…”

Thank you to the person who inspired this post today, thank you.

Stay well.

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    Thank you!

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