Of deities and third graders.

Nor snow, nor ice, nor snot, nor sneeze, would keep me away from son’s third grade field trip today. I’m pretty much out of the contagious phase, but with ears clogged, and nose clogged, the idea of getting on that big yellow school bus, was a tad unpleasant, but being with my kid, and getting to go the Rubin Museum was worth it! I knew I made the right decision to push through, when we were getting on the bus and I noticed the teacher off to the side talking with a child who was in tears. Ahhhh, the fear of getting “bus sick.” Simple things, like sitting near the front and next to the window were certainly good to know, but I had a secret weapon, well four of them really, and was more than happy to share. I approached the child with Totems in hand, and explained that the Totems are made just for situations like this one. I offered a choice and thankfully had one of the colorful booklets to go along with the choice! The seat mate chose one too, which was helpful to the anxious child. I couldn’t have been more pleased when I heard a kid in another seat repeating “Breathe in, Breathe out.” The Totem was helpful and there was a quiet thank you when we arrived without incident.

Buddah and the third grade!

Buddah and the third grade!

The kids were so observant and asked so many questions, it was a pleasure to see them so engaged! They had all kinds of ideas and curiosities and were able to answer a lot of the questions posed by the tour leader. I beamed with pride as my kid gave a rather elaborate explanation of meditation, he even put his hands into a mudra, which gave a chuckle. I would like to take credit for his knowledge because he sees me meditating on a regular basis, but alas, I simply talk about it, which is at least a step in the right direction!

Om Totem, Om Ganesha!

Om Totem, Om Ganesha!

Ganesha, is one of the Hindu deities that has resonated with me for years now. Known as the god of new beginnings and remover of obstacles, among other attributes, Ganesha helps remind me that obstacles are just doorways for new beginnings when we work to remove them. I also think the story surrounding Ganesha is pretty cool, too. So all in all it was a wonderful outing and interestingly enough, my cold didn’t bother me once while on the trip! Hmmmm, oooommmmmmm.

Stay well.

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