No, seriously, I have a headache.

If you’re not a headache sufferer, consider yourself lucky. I am not so lucky. I am willing to admit that I am on the better end of the headache suffering spectrum, but I do get them and fairly often, and sometimes, they completely debilitate me. Well maybe not completely, since here I sit writing about it as I fight my way through a doozy of a head banging. I know this one was my fault, though.  I woke up and had a backlog of things to do before I somehow managed to get myself dressed to make a morning meeting. That meant, no time for coffee (yes, there’s some caffeine withdrawal,) and no time for breakfast. Perfect recipe for a migraine as my blood sugar drops and my physiological response to the lack of caffeine kicks my ass for good. Most of us don’t have the luxury to give in when we get a headache, which might look like crawling into bed in a darkened room with no noise, and just being still for a couple of hours. So we cope, it’s all about coping after all isn’t it? An old friend of mine who used to suffer terribly from migraines, would drive to the nearest 7-11 for a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew, and that would be enough to help her out. Another friend has a special remedy, which I am patiently waiting to kick in, it’s two Excedrin followed by two Sudafed. I am sure there are lots of home remedies out there and I know I would be happy to hear all of them, as I am sure any of you who suffer, would enjoy hearing too! So feel free to share your suggestions here. I will say that writing this little bit has helped distract from the pounding in my ears, which is the core of Totem Tamers mission. Distracting the brain from whatever is causing you upset or overwhelm can ultimately lead to relief! Thank you for giving me a forum where I can find some relief, even if it’s minor, it’s better than when I started typing. Whew!

Our pocket-sized animal Totems (shown left), can be just what you need to help you regain calm in an overwhelming situation. What Totem will you choose?

Stay well.

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