Monday WARRIOR….yes, I just quoted a Rush song!

It’s not often that I get to meet a WARRIOR past, but today I had the distinct honor and privilege to meet one of our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY honorees, the incredible Senator Wendy Davis from Texas. Senator Davis has gained a lot of recognition lately after her historic filibuster where she attempted to block a controversial abortion rights bill from being passed in Texas. It worked, only for a short time until her efforts were overridden, but it worked! She stood for 13 hours and as every minute passed she gained not only momentum, but support, support the state of Texas hasn’t seen for a Democrat in years.  Senator Davis has given a voice to many where they didn’t think they had one before, whether it’s for women and the continuing fight for reproductive rights, or communities of underserved constituents who had never been asked before what was important to them. Senator Davis has big plans for the state of Texas, and I know we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from her in the years to come.

Senator Wendy Davis and little ole me!

Senator Wendy Davis and little ole me!

I had the opportunity to give Senator Davis a Totem Set (I chose OWL for her because OWL is ever-wise and stands tall and unwavering), and she was grateful and gracious and even recognized having anxious moments of her own (who’s to blame her!?) Totem Tamers hopes OWL keeps you company and calm on your road ahead, Senator Davis, and we’re excited for the future and all that you hope to accomplish.

Stay well.

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