Life and loss and a quilt that gives it all meaning.

A truly lovely woman passed away this morning. She was Great-Grandma to my kids, and grandmother-in-law to me, and she was always ready with a smile and a kind word. I was this young Jewish girl who appeared on the scene when I started dating her Irish-Catholic grandson. Loretta couldn’t have cared less about my background (I’m more spiritual than anything by the way, but I make great rugelach!) and she embraced me with open arms. I knew I was “in” that first Christmas I spent with the family when I received a big box from Loretta. Inside the box was a beautiful, handmade, quilt. It made me cry to know that she created something for me and with me in mind. That was 20 years ago and that quilt has since cradled three children, kept many a guest warm, and still has a place on my couch!

Totems on the quilt, Loretta's quilt.

Totems on the quilt, Loretta’s quilt.

Loretta’s quilt will comfort my boys tonight when they are told of her passing. I am grateful that they knew her and that there’s always a piece of her around in our home and in our hearts.

Stay well.

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