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I had the best lunch the other day, mostly because I was catching up with a dear friend, which is always a wonderful activity. The lunch however, was topped (literally) by a bonus when my friend asked for a coffee to go!

A latte with a Totem twist!

A latte with a Totem twist!

Le Pain Quotidien, is known for their healthful options (don’t even ask me about the gooey, delicious spreads they have on the table), and their commitment to bringing people together to share their “daily bread.” When I think about their locations, I always think about the natural look of them, with their wooden tables, and muted decor. Needless to say, I was immediately struck by the bubble gum pink top that adorned my friends coffee! Then I realized, not bubble gum pink, but breast cancer pink! Brilliant! In that moment, Le Pain, gained major points in my book and space on the Totem Tamers pages! There are so many resources available in terms of support for those battling breast cancer to the family members affected by those who are battling, too many to list, but certainly easy to google. The Breast Cancer Awareness page on Facebook, is a good place to start, at least! This pink-lidded cup of coffee gave me pause to consider my friends that have either lost someone to breast cancer, or are currently dealing with their own breast cancer diagnosis and wishing that my arms were bring enough to hug them all at once. The best thing I can do for them though, is to schedule my annual mammogram for which I am due this month and had somehow forgotten to do! So in honor of those here and those lost, I am going to get my boobies smushed, and you should too!

Stay well.

I always take my Totems with me to my mammograms because it can be a stressful situation for sure. If you need a Totem to help get you through, order one today by clicking on any of the Totems on the border of the page.

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