It's the thought that counts!

We’ve heard that saying so many times before, and it’s true!! No matter what someone may give you, the mere fact that they have done something for you or with you in mind, is lovely. It’s not about how much money someone spends, sometimes the best gifts cost no money at all! It’s wonderful to receive these kinds of gifts, but even better to give them. My son and his Dad have birthdays a day apart. Of course, this last week was all about my son and celebrating him, but the question of what the boys could give to their Dad for his birthday did come up. My middle son piped up and said “Well, for Father’s Day he always asks for the same thing, peace and quiet.” Thus, a birthday gift idea was born! This was one of those fun gifts that we all got in to and presenting it was the best!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

The kids were so excited, and their Dad was really happy and got a good laugh. And now, whenever the kids are acting up and their Dad begs for peace and quiet, they can confidently say, they’ve already given him that!

You don’t need a special occasion to give a thoughtful gift, sometimes a simple note telling someone you’re thinking about them can bring as much joy as an ounce of caviar and a glass of champagne. Ok, almost as much. Wink, wink. Do something thoughtful for someone today!

Stay well.

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