It's Horn-tooting Friday!! Yes, I just made that up.

I’m not a big fan of horn-tooting, that’s just me, but every once in a while I think it’s acceptable. When you do something you believe in, it’s easy to go on about it, whether it’s the WOD, or WW, or TT! I believe in Totem Tamers, which is why I am more than happy to talk about how we can potentially help children and adults handle overwhelming emotions. Of course, it’s much better when other people talk about Totem Tamers! I got two wonderful emails yesterday within a period of twenty minutes, that’s all it takes to get me motivated and jumping and wanting to help more. The first email came from a gentleman who happened to overhear me talking about Totem Tamers at a political function. Next thing I knew he had placed an order online. His email to me yesterday read: “Been meaning to write you – my wife loves the owl totem that I gave to her for Christmas. She brought to work this morning in anticipation of a stressful meeting…”


The next email I received was from a grateful Aunt whom I had met at the boutique fair at my kids’ school. This scenario happens regularly, where someone comes over and looks at the Totems and immediately thinks of someone who could benefit. When this woman looked at the Totems, she thought of her nephew and promptly purchased a set as a holiday gift. This was the email I got from her: “Julie- my nephew really loves his and it helps him be less anxious.” (sic) There is nothing better than hearing about someone who has connected with a Totem and is finding some calm in their world.

If you know someone who gets anxious, who is stressed, who just needs a reminder to take a deep breath throughout the day, share the gift of Totem Tamers!

We want to hear from you and your Totem success stories! Pictures are great too!

Stay well.

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