"I don't do calm!"

That was one of the remarks I received this weekend while displaying Totem Tamers at an outdoor street fair. Seriously!!! This young-ish gentleman was sort of wandering around the fair and came over to get a closer look at the Totems. (They are eye-catching if you haven’t seen one up close!)

Shark will give you an idea!

Shark will give you an idea!

Well, when someone approaches my table, it gives me the opportunity to engage them in conversation, which as most of you know is one of my favorite pastimes. This guy wasn’t having it. He’s looking at the Totems and I encourage him to pick one up. “They’re heavier than they look,” I say. He says no. I explain that the Totems are a tool to help keep you calm whenever you’re in a potentially stressful situation. He looked up at me and said “I don’t do calm. Ask my wife.” I didn’t really want to touch that one, and at that moment it was clear that he didn’t “do calm.” All I could do was let him know that Totem Tamers come with simple techniques that might help, and maybe this could be a gift for his wife. I’m sure you can imagine how that went?! I saw the whole family a short while later, the husband barely managing to hold on to a squirming child, while walking at a good clip ahead of his wife. The wife, pushing the stroller, struggling to keep up. Both had harried looks on their faces, and the scene made me sad to consider how that child will turn out.

Who wouldn't want to come talk to me?!

Who wouldn’t want to come talk to me?!

The good news is that more often than not, people who came to the table had really wonderful things to say. From the Special Education teacher who worked for years with preschoolers on the autism spectrum, who was so excited that she took cards to share Totem Tamers with her colleagues. To the mother of a sweet little girl who has taken to picking at her skin as a coping mechanism for her anxiety, who was thrilled to have another option that might help her daughter without harming her. And those were just two of the many people I spoke with that day, so there’s hope, that for every one person that doesn’t “do calm”, there will be a handful of others that can’t wait to be calm.

Stay well.

If you can’t wait to be calm, get a Totem!! Just click on any of the Totems on the side of the page and be on your way to finding calm in what can sometimes be a very stressful world.

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