How do you create?

Thanks to a status update on Facebook this afternoon, I was inspired to write! Interestingly enough, it was about writing, or more, how people write. The question was posed “what kind of music do you listen to when you write?” I was first to respond, and I think my answer was a tad surprising to the poster. I replied that I don’t listen to music, and can’t really listen to music when I write, because my words get lost from the moment. He came back asking if even classical music was distracting, and my answer again was “yes.” When I write, I’m in my teeny, tiny office, and I just go for it.  I find for me, the train of thought is just too easily lost. I marvel at my kids who manage to read and do their homework with headphones in (at least they say they manage!) They certainly manage to tune me out. The process from formulating the thoughts in my brain to remembering where the home keys so I can type those thoughts into the laptop, is lightning fast. If something happens in the milliseconds before my fingers start stroking the keys, that train could possibly have left the station. It usually comes back, but sometimes, the thought has been derailed and I am delayed in recollecting it again. My point is that my process for writing, specifically, is contemplating the purpose, and then sitting down and hammering it out with very little to no distracting noises. The TV is actually on in the other room right now, and it’s causing me to struggle with not letting the words I hear impact the words I type. We’ve all done that thing where we are speaking and we read a word and then that word comes out of our mouths even though it isn’t anything close to what we were going to say! Same diff for me here. Yes, I just used the “word” diff, and yes, I’m aware I’m wasting electricity by having the TV on and no one watching it, thank you. I am curious what other peoples’ processes are when they write, or create for that matter? I know when I’ve got my sketch pad out, or I’m at my easel with my pastels, I like music cranking in my ear because I need the words in my head to be drowned out, so that the drawing artistic brain can be heard. The music I choose may definitely impact what happens on the paper, but either way it’s the process of creativity, my process. What’s yours?

Music in my ears and Totems by my side, I create!

Music in my ears and Totems by my side, I create!

Stay well.

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