How an email made me cry and smile almost simultaneously!

Every time an order comes through the Totem Tamers site, I’m always curious about who is buying a Totem! When a package is shipped out, I always write a note of thanks and remind our newest Totem owners to find us on Facebook and Twitter. I also ask how they came to learn about Totem Tamers, and every once in a while, I get a response, but nothing like the response I received the other day. It is so important to me to protect people and their stories, so I’m only going to share the overall gist of the letter, but it was just too impactful not to share at all. This new Totem owner received her “precious Totems” the other day and emailed straight away to explain how she came to find us. She had been a victim of a horrible crime and was required to testify in front of a grand jury, as a result. The social worker assigned to her case happened to have a Totem, and lent it to this young lady with the directive to hold it and rub it just under the witness stand to help her focus and keep her calm. And it did!!! She continued to write that the Totem had left her with a positive association to her experience, and that she hoped it would continue to do so in anxious times. That’s how I ended up with tears in my eyes and a smile across my face at the same time. The courage that this person found to testify, then to share her story with me, is just so incredible and inspirational and serves as a reminder to my business partner and I, that we are onto something truly special here. It also makes it difficult to be reminded that we are a business, because after stories like these, it makes me just want to give Totems to everyone!!! Of course, since we are raising families and such, that’s not altogether possible, but the hope is one day, when we are wildly profitable, that we will be able to give tons of Totems away! With that being said, if you want or need a Totem, or know someone who might enjoy one, click here, or on any of the images on the page and buy one today!

Stay well.

Owls keeping watch!

Owls keeping watch!

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