Happy Valentine's Day from Totem Tamers!

"Yes, that is chocolate and yes I will share," said Shark!

“Yes, that is chocolate and yes I will share,” said Shark!

I am blessed with three incredible kids, all at different stages of life, which certainly serves to keep me on my toes! My youngest is 7 1/2 (that half is really important), and thankfully for Valentine’s Day he is still in that phase of being ok with giving everyone a card or a piece of candy. “Even the kids I don’t like so much.” That was moving, sort of. My middle son is 11, and he is in that Valentine’s Day sucks, mode. When we talked about it, he was lamenting that it’s a crappy holiday if you aren’t part of a couple. When I asked if there was someone in particular he was hoping to be coupled with, he balked as though I had asked if he wanted frogs’ legs for dinner! “No, Mom, there isn’t anyone, sheesh!” Well, excuuuuuuuuse me for asking! Then of course there’s my 14-but-looks-16-year-old, he’s another story entirely. Having been associated with his “friend-girl” (I refuse to say the word) since the middle of 7th grade, he is taking this holiday a bit seriously. He told me exactly what I needed to go get, his favorite chocolates that Meredith’s Bread sells. I did my job, and then he did his by simultaneously breaking my heart and filling it completely. My little baby boy is growing up and his heart is making room for other people and that is definitely hard to take, thus the heartbreak. That same little boy however, makes me so proud because he has the capacity to feel and share his feelings. Just like he will share that he is really pissed at me if he finds out I wrote this! Inside the little box of chocolates, my sweet baby boy taped a little note, it read “because you were something special.” It confused me a little so I asked him about it, and he explained that when he first saw this “friend-girl”, he knew she was something special. It was enough to keep my eyes from welling up with pride, but also with fear for wanting to protect my boy from potential heartache. That’s when I realized that we shouldn’t protect ourselves from heartache, but just the opposite. Open yourself up to receive the love that someone gives you just as you allow yourself to give the love you have to share. That love doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, it can be a simple smile from the soul to that stranger on the train, or a phone call to your folks, or an email to an old friend, just give love and it will come back to you.

Giving you my love, always.

Stay well.

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