Happy New Year? The choice is yours!

As people begin posting their year long retrospectives, it is wonderful to hear how grateful they are for all the “good” things that have happened, as well as how humbled they are by all the “bad” things that have happened. I can join in the chorus and say “Yay, I had some pretty cool things happen to me this year,” and “Boo-hoo, I had some not so good things happen, too.” For some reason though, that doesn’t feel right to me. Sure, things happened to me, but in this moment of my retrospection, I realize that they didn’t happen to me because I stood still and waited. Experiences of life happened because I encouraged them to happen by participating and making choices. Sure, some of them were really shitty choices, but some of them were freaking awesome!! And you know what? I made them!!! I decided to go left instead of right. I chose to stay home instead of go out. I made the choice to eat that jelly donut. I will always choose to sing loudly while I clean the dishes, even if my neighbors can hear me. I made so many choices over the last year, but the bottom line is that I will now make the choice not to second guess my choices, but rather stand by them no matter the outcome. I will take responsibility for my choices of course. I will apologize if a choice I make upsets someone. I will revel in it, if a choice I make brings me, or others happiness. I will choose to try and surround myself with people who take responsibility for their choices as well. I will strive to learn from all my choices good and bad, but the best thing of all, is that I will continue to be grateful for the chance to make those choices.

My wish is for all to have a happy and healthy year ahead, but mostly, for all to continue to have and make choices, no matter what they may be.

Happy Choice-making!!

Happy Choice-making!!

Stay well.

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