Happy National Equal Pay Day!

It’s totally ok if you didn’t know that today was National Equal Pay Day, because today is the first day of its kind, ever. President Barack Obama just proclaimed it to be so! As of today, women make only 77 cents to the dollar that every man makes, which is why equal pay has taken a front seat in a lot of upcoming political elections. To combat this discrepancy in pay, the President is creating legislation that will protect people from consequences in the workplace for discussing how much they make. Another opportunity for people to start conversations and to ultimately help everyone, as more and more women are becoming the primary breadwinners in households with young children. This definitely is a serious topic but I can’t seem to stop thinking about the candy bar, Pay Day! In honor of National Equal Pay Day, I believe we should all go out and purchase said candy bar, and split it with someone nearby! Or four someones….

National Equal Pay Day!

National Equal Pay Day!

The Totems have done their part, now won’t you?

Stay well.

If you don’t have a Totem to share your PayDay with, look left and choose one today!

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