Happy Mother's Day from Totem Tamers!

My mom used to always say to me that I would “understand” when I became a mother. It used to aggravate me, but of course it’s because I didn’t understand. I do now. I have three amazing kids and I would go to the ends of the earth for them. So Mom, I love you and I get it, and thank you. I occasionally write poetry, some if it good, some of it not, but all of it meaningful. I wrote this next poem thinking about a friend who had recently lost his mom, and it made me reflect on my own relationship with my boys. This is what was created:

The Bond

A mother feels love deep within her core
it stretches and expands
when you think it holds no more

a child of innocence loves without choice
warming and reacting
to the sound of her voice

there is no match for the bond that forms
through childhood and beyond
it weathers every sunrise, and every storm

the kisses for all the scrapes and skinned knees
the groundings, and the hugs
the forgiveness of mistakes she didn’t even see

the valentine’s made out of clay
a bad grade, a broken window
the sight of you always made her day

this is the love of a mother for her child
the power, and the scope
the strength to push through every last mile

this is the child who now switches roles
a new home, a new baby
an understanding deep in his soul

as his mother takes notice of his talent and growth
his wisdom, and understanding
she realizes her oath

“to love with open arms and open mind,
my children, and my world,
it is only then that you will find

someone to love you and to love in return,
your son or your daughter
will teach you this oath and you too will learn”

now it is time to let me go, let me leave this solid place
find freedom, and find bliss
while you have love to fill the empty space

even though I may be here no longer
please remember this,
our bond, my son, there is none stronger


Stay well and enjoy the day!

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