Growing up without a "Daddy".

Sure, I had a dad, the man who fathered me, but he wasn’t around all that much, and when he was, he still wasn’t all that present. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the time I had with him, even though a lot of it was strained, and I can definitely attribute my sense of humor and timing to my father, but he was never a “Daddy” to me. It’s Father’s Day today, and I’m seeing all these sweet posts with kids and dads, grown up kids and dads, messages of dads long gone, and the best are the ones who are celebrating their first Father’s day. I guess this post is for them, because now as an adult, I realize how not having a “daddy” when I was a kid, definitely shaped how I move through the world. What does being a “daddy” mean exactly? To me, it’s when I see a little girl walking, her tiny hand enclosed by Daddy’s big protective hand. It’s those moments I see a son being taught how to throw a curveball just right. It’s the squealing laughter of a toddler being tossed in the air, and always being caught, just to shout “Again, again!” My kids have a Dad, who thankfully has been a “Daddy”, too! From diaper changes, to duo-couch-napping, to being tossed in the air (mostly to scare me, I’m sure), to learning their first guitar chords. I’m blessed to have been able to experience that through their eyes, at least.

A Daddy and his first born, and some Totems!

A Daddy and his first born, and some Totems!

I just went back and read what I had written last year on Father’s Day, so I guess I’m at least consistent with my feelings. Even though I didn’t grow up with a “Daddy”, I did have plenty of father figures around, and I will always be grateful to those who have influenced me. Those of you who still have young kids, please, for their sake, and yours, be a “Daddy”, as well as a Dad, a Father, a Pops, and a Papa, because it’s never too late. Happy Father’s Day!

Stay well.

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