"For you are a magnet and I am….

That was definitely not the song playing in my head during my MRI this morning. It was more like the song of a thousand machine guns being drowned out by ten thousand jack hammers, and that’s when there wasn’t the sound of a million Semi’s honking their horns and computers attacking with all their beeps and tones. Holy crap that procedure is loud and frankly unnerving. Regardless of the body part being examined, you are pretty much immobilized and loaded in to a very large machine and then of course, all the noise, and I didn’t even mention the shaking and vibrations that you experience as well. I was doing ok for the most part going in, but when the technician handed me the “emergency ball,” I had a twinge of panic set in. This was a moment I was grateful for Totem Tamers. Now, I could not have a Totem on me during the procedure, although the image of the Totem being levitated by all the magnets is pretty cool. What I did have however, are the additional calming tips found in the Totem Tamers guide booklet. Visualization allowed me to occupy my mind while the procedure was going on and the repetition of the rhyme in the booklet helped keep me still and calm enough to get through it. If it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn here, well I am!!! Just knowing that I could redirect my anxiety from the MRI was calming. Sometimes it’s as simple as having the option. Totem Tamers aims to give everyone the option of not freaking out. I know that as I wait to hear the results, I will be clutching my Totems all weekend and reciting a whole lot of rhymes and maybe even some colorful four-letter words to go along with it. 😉 At least now I am singing the Walter Egan classic which always makes me happy. Enjoy!

Stay well.

To learn more about Totem Tamers, please visit our site at www.totemtamers.com and stay calm today!

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