Flower power!

I like flowers. They are pretty. Most of them smell very nice. They are a reminder of nature and all things Mother Earth. I love the flowers that are picked from my mom’s incredible garden, for example. What I don’t love, is people spending money on flowers, at least not for me. Sure that has something to do with my issues of “receiving”, but I’m also very practical. I would sooner prefer someone cook me a meal, or take me on a beautiful hike, for example. That creates a lasting memory, as opposed to the flowers that I will have to watch whither in their vase and eventually toss. I’m not totally without appreciation though (and certainly not as dark as that sounds), and I get that there’s sentiment behind the gift of flowers.  I just bought Sunflowers for a ten year old because she did something courageous and magnificent, and when I saw the Sunflowers, I thought of her sunny disposition, and knew I needed to get them for her. She loved them by the way. Hold your peonies, I am getting to the point.

Flower Hour!

Flower Hour!

Someone brought me flowers the other day, and it was a complete surprise, and it was a wonderful surprise. It was just the boost that I needed. So maybe, just maybe, my “practicality” isn’t all that practical, because the warm feelings, the happiness that has continued these last two days from seeing the flowers, that’s worth it!! So the good news, is that I now have a better attitude towards receiving, and receiving flowers in general, so feel free!! 😉  I will definitely consider buying flowers more often, and not just as gifts for others, but maybe just for myself! There’s something serene about their colors and something calming about their presence, the Totems nearby are helpful too!  So on your way home from work today, maybe consider picking up a bunch of flowers, not necessarily for someone else, but how about just for you?! You deserve it.

Stay well.

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