Feelings, nothing more than feelings….except that they are everything.

I’m sitting here feeling a bit melancholy in the gray of the day, as the rain clouds settle over Manhattan, threatening to dampen the holiday spirit. It certainly doesn’t help that I have some close friends going through some really sad and difficult times, and I feel for them. I feel. Then I realize, I am grateful for the luxury of being able to feel, whatever it may be, happiness, sadness, fear, excitement, love, hate, any and all of it! How blessed am I that I get another day to hear my children laugh, to see a puppy playing with a blowing leaf, to taste the sweetness of a ripened berry? I feel. Sometimes the feelings are heavy and burdensome, but thankfully they are often balanced with feelings that are freeing and light! The grace in all of it, is that I feel them and I hope you feel them too. It can be somewhat easy going through your day without acknowledging that you feel, or allowing yourself to feel, but with that, you deny yourself the good feelings as much as the bad ones. Oh and wait! You have the gift of helping someone else feel! Yes! Smile at a stranger today. Tell a loved one just how much they are loved. Flip off the jerk who doesn’t hold the door open for you even though you have an armload of packages and your shoelace is untied. Tell the guy at the deli counter that it’s really creepy when he asks you if you’re in the mood for the salami special. Every time. Make someone laugh! That’s the best feeling in the world. I had dinner with a group of people last night, some I’ve known for years and others are new friends. Even though we spent some of the night discussing sadness and tragedy, we were able to laugh as well, and I can’t be more thankful. I feel, and I am so glad I do. I hope you feel something today, no matter what.

Stay well.

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  1. suzingreen November 26, 2013 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    you go girl!!!! xoxo

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